Experience the Excellence of Texas Toffee


Extraordinary Toffee

A rare excellence.

Texas Toffee Selections

Almond Toffee

Milk or Dark Chocolate

It is our original Texas Toffee made with fresh almonds; it is a buttery toffee with a mild nut flavor.

​​Pecan Toffee

This is a Texas twist on our original recipe,  made with Texas Pecans.

Milk or Dark Chocolate

Macadamia Toffee

Our most recent addition is a delicious candy made with fresh Macadamia nuts and is scrumptious!!  

Milk, Dark or White Chocolate

Texas Toffee Sprinkles​

Sprinkles are a mixture of crushed toffee, chocolate, and nuts. Add these to yogurt, ice cream, or your favorite baked good. We even have spicy Sprinkles. 

Texas Toffee - Gotcha Toffee Selections

Gotcha Cinnamon Pepper

Cinnamon fans will love this version of our Pecan Rich toffee made with a touch of cayenne and topped with dark chocolate.


Dark Chocolate

Gotcha Habanero

This is our newest member of the Gotcha family. It is made with pecans, habanero spice, and milk chocolate. 

Milk Chocolate

Gotcha Ghost Pepper

If you like it spicy, you’ll love this blend of our pecan toffee and ghost pepper spice, finished off with a thin layer of milk chocolate. 

Milk Chocolate

Texas Toffee -Nutty Selections


Walnuts aren’t just for the holidays! Try this treat year-round and enjoy its flavors with the earthiness of the walnut and the sweetness from the toffee.


Milk or Dark Chocolate


This is our light and tasty Peanut toffee, It will bring back

memories of childhood delights. 


Milk or Dark Chocolate


A mild cashew nut makes a delightful toffee and has an amazing flavor you’ll crave.

Milk Chocolate


Who doesn’t love pistachios? They’re mean, they’re green, and in our toffee, they’re a customer favorite! 


Milk Chocolate

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